Aging-related Courses

All of the courses on this page help fulfill the requirements of the gerontology minor and the Certificate in Aging Studies. There are no pre-requisites for GERO courses other than graduate or professional student status, and advanced undergraduates may enroll with the instructor's permission.  

Gerontology Courses

GERO 5103 Aging and Society, 2 credits, offered spring semester
Instructor: Tetyana Shippee
Students in the course will consider how the processes of aging affect society at every level from individuals to groups to society as a whole. By drawing from research in sociology, psychology, gerontology, and health sciences, students gain an understanding of how different disciplines approach aging.

GERO 5105 Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging, 3 credits, offered fall semester
Instructor: Lisa Edstrom
The course will focus on the various theoretical and applied approaches to aging services and examine the implications of public policies and legislation affecting older adults, family caregivers, and aging services providers.

GERO 5110 Biology of Aging, 3 credits, offered spring semester 
Instructor: LeAnn Snow, MD, PhD
Students in this course will explore biological changes that occur with aging. The course will start with a discussion of methods for studying aging, descriptions of population aging, and theories on how and why we age. Note: There are no science pre-requisites for this course.

GERO 5111 Studying Aging and Chronic Illness, 2 credits, offered periodically.
As people age, the incidence and prevalence of chronic conditions goes up. Students in the course will study the chronic conditions that often affect older people, the impact they can have on the lives of older people, and how they are managed.

Other Aging-related Courses at the U of M
Courses on aging offered by other University programs can be a great way to round out the gerontology minor or Certificate. The list below contains examples of aging-related courses from other U of M programs. Note: Some departmental courses have 

BTHX 5120 Death and Dying in Contemporary Medical Culture, 2 credits. Cross-listed with NURS 5900 
FSOS 8105 Family Gerontology, 3 credits, offered every other spring semester.
HSG 5481 Promoting Independence in Housing and Community, 2 credits, offered fall semester, odd years. Instructor: Marilyn Bruin, PhD
PUBH 6390 Population Aging and Health, 2 credits, offered spring semester. Instructor: Ben Capistrant, ScD
PUBH 6904 Aging and Nutrition, 2 credits, online course offered summer session. Instructor: Lyn Steffen, PhD, RD 
RSC 5814 Age, Exercise, and Rehabilitation, 2 credits, offered fall semester. Instructors: LeAnn Snow, MD, PhD, and Dawn Lowe, PhD 

National Institute on Aging Research Courses
The following courses are designed for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are currently involved in biological research in aging. The courses are taught by Deborah Ferrington, PhD, and are worth one credit per class, and Dr. Ferrington's permission is required to register.

GERO 5101 Milestones in the Biology of Aging (offered fall semester, even years). 
GERO 5102 Hot Topics in the Biology of Aging (offered spring semester, odd years). 
GERO 8021 Application of Proteomics to Aging (offered fall semester, odd years). 
GERO 8022 Fostering a Career in Aging Research (offered spring semester, even years). 

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