Careers in Aging

To paraphrase Horace Greely: "Go old, young person." The aging of our population will impact virtually every field, not just health care and human services. We all need to re-think how to keep up with this changing demographic. Professionals trained in gerontology will be needed in both the public and private sectors.

Below is a just short and list of fields that need workers with training in aging and gerontology:

  • Design of all types (architecture, housing, apparel, consumer products, and others)
  • Finance, insurance, and banking
  • Many areas of health research
  • Community and religious organizations
  • Law, government, and public policy
  • Social work
  • Retail sales, entertainment, travel and hospitality

Interested in a career related to aging?

You can find a number of aging-related career resources through AARP and the American Society on Aging.

Careers in AgingAssociation for Gerontology in Higher Education

The Association for Gerontology in Higher Education offers a helpful, free brochure about careers in aging and why you should consider this career avenue.

Learn About Careers in Aging

101+ Careers in Gerontology101+ Careers in Gerontology

In October 2014, Springer Publishing released the second edition of 101 Careers in Gerontology, now titled 101+ Careers in Gerontology, reflecting the growth in aging-related jobs. (Author: C. Joanne Grabinski, MA, ABD, FAGHE). You can purchase the book through Springer Publishing or other booksellers.